Thursday, August 15, 2013

Behind the Scenes. The messy, messy scenes.

My partner tonight mentioned that in order to apply for a table at a local artisan market, the jury requires a photo of the artist's workspace.  I laughed.  Why? reason.

My little desk gets pretty out of control when I'm on a crafting jag.  There are bottles of paints, glues, inks, ribbon, embellishments, papers...and so much more, all crammed onto any available surface.  Eventually I'll have had enough and tidy it, and enjoy that sweet feeling of an unencumbered workspace that won't send cascades of detritus sloping down onto my newly-finished-and-not-yet-dry crafted item, smearing paint and glue everywhere. 

I wonder if I get points for enthusiasm.

On a related note (and I realize I should maybe feel embarrassed to admit this, given the photo above) I went craft shopping tonight and picked up some fabulous alphabet debossing dies on clearance.  I can't ignore the sweet siren song of red-tag merchandise.  I hope to play around with them this weekend and have something to show you on Monday!

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