Thursday, August 15, 2013

What I'm Working on Now

Crafters have to be ahead of the game when it comes to seasonal items, so I've already started on Halloween themed magnets.  I'm going to be working on some that will be pins, some pendants, and hopefully some hair clips.

This is what I made this morning.

The left magnet is chipboard gesso'ed and painted black with acrylics, then embellished with a hand painted mod melts rose, green ribbon, orange washi, and a text sticker.  Some mini-tinsel in Halloween colors is glued onto the edge.

The right magnet is a skull bead I cut in half and filed down a bit, with a mod melts frame and green chipboard insert, on top of orange polka dot ribbon (with a little glitter) and a black, hand painted chipboard back.  I stamped two little debossed stars on each end using my GCD Studios Chip Art Mini Stamps.  The white dashes are my beloved gel pen.

When working with chipboard, I find it's best to gesso it before painting so the colors really pop, unless you're working with a very white chipboard.  Stamping is easier on bare chipboard than painted (because you can easily wet it for better, deeper impressions) but a sturdy whack with a hammer still gets the job done on dry, painted chipboard.  Just be careful; it can crack or crease and you may need to do a little touching up.

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